Video Transcribing Aid

A Video and Audio Transcription / Translation Tool

SyncScribe is a Windows application for transcribers and translators, a big time saver when authoring text of time-coded video and audio files with powerful shortcut keys. Reduce repetitive keystrokes by 90%!

Syncscribe pays for itself quickly for those handling video translation and transcription in quantity.

January 2019, New Release: Version 4.00
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SyncScribe, Media Player, and document work together.
SyncScribe (Shareware)
Try all features free for 30 Days, Updated January 2019
Version 4.00 Windows 2 MB
Fully featured video translation tool to quickly author time-coded transcripts. Powerful shortcut keys to insert timecode and other text into MS Word or other applications.
SyncScribe Lite (Freeware)
Freeware (Lite version), Updated January 2019
Version 4.00 Windows 2 MB
Simplified version of SyncScribe, the video translation tool. Quickly insert the run-time of a media file into text documents using the F9 shortcut key.


Easy to use, just hit the shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys will insert timecodes and preconfigured formatted text directly into your document window.

  • For example, press the F9 key to automatically insert current position (timecode) of a playing video into MS Word, Excel, or Libre Office Document.
  • Press the F1 key to paste a pre-configured "speaker name" and video's current run-time into a MS Word or Libre Office document. *Feature not available for the freeware "Lite" version.
  • To toggle play/pause of the media player, press Ctrl + Space Bar. (Reduce repeatedly switching between media player and document windows)
             CTRL + Left
  • To rewind (jump backwards), press Ctrl + Left Arrow.
             CTRL + Left
  • New for SyncScribe v4.00! Shortcut keys for inserting SRT subtitle formatted timecodes with "-->" (arrow) for quicker creation of subtitles! (CTRL+F9, CTRL+SHIFT+F9,)
             CTRL + F9
  • Videos with imbedded ("burnt in" or BITC) time codes can be properly handled using SyncScribe's synchronize feature. (not available in freeware)

    Thus using shortcut keys will properly insert timecodes displayed within the video and not the acutal play-time.

    SyncScribe calculates the time difference between playtime and imbedded timecode. More details about Time Code Synchronization here.

F1     F2     F3     F4                  F9     F10    

CTRL + Left              CTRL + Left              CTRL + RIGHT

For more details about the shortcut keys, visit "About SyncScribe" page.

Many shortcut keys are available but you need only use a few to greatly increase productivity.

SyncScribe works in tandem with:

Windows Media Player WMP Icon VLC Media Player VLC Icon Media Player Classic MPC Icon

SyncScribe VS. SyncScribe Lite:
Features / Specifications
SyncScribe Lite
License Shareware
30 Day Trial
OS Platform Windows Windows_icon Windows Windows_icon
Integrated to work with 3 popular media players.
  • WMP Icon Windows Media Player (Plug-in)
  • VLC Icon VLC Media Player
  • MPC Icon Media Player Classic
Yes Yes
Works with any word processor or spreadsheet application.
  • MS Word MSW Icon MS Excel MSE Icon
  • LibreOffice Writer/Calc LOC Icon LOC Icon
  • OpenOffice Writer/Calc OOC Icon OOC Icon
  • Notepad, etc...
Yes Yes
Seek Shortcut Keys for controlling media player.
(Play/Pause, Jump Back, Jump Forward)
Yes Yes
Shortcut keys for inserting "-->" for authoring SRT subtitles.
CTRL+F9, etc..
Yes Yes
Shortcut key for inserting simple timecodes
(format example: HH:MM:SS,mmm)
(Simple formats such as milliseconds precision, comma or point for separator.)
Yes Yes
Adjustable jump interval for Seek Shortcut keys. Yes
Any whole value from 2 to 30 seconds.
Jump Interval set to 5 seconds.
Advanced customization of timecodes
(Full cutomization of delimter, brackets, frames, etc..)
Yes No
Time Code Synchronization
(Properly handle burnt-in (imbedded) timecodes in videos. Achieved via calculating the time differential between the actual play-time and imbedded timecode.)
Yes No
Insert timecodes with offsets to help author text faster.
(Convenient for inserting timecode after listening to dialogue for a few seconds. Thus allowing inserting timecodes offset from the current location.)
Yes No
Timecodes without offsets.
Other convenience features
  • Temporary disabling of "Windows key" to prevent mistype.
  • Document selection for ensuring document window is selected (window is focused with active cursor).
  • "Paste into cells" for inserting into multiple contiguous cells of tables/spreadsheets.
  • etc..
Yes No
Insert System Time instead of timecodes. Yes No
Common Phrases Shortcut Keys for quick insertion of commonly occurring phrases. (F11, F12) Yes No
Insert text such as pre-determined name along with the timecode. Yes No
Marker feature for looping playback of media. Yes No

SyncScribe contains no spyware, no ads, and no user tracking.

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